School: University of Arizona
Year: Junior
Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Figure: 32-28-32
EyeColor: Hazel
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy
Hobbies: Horses, Shopping


19 year old Communications student Vicky doesn't date. This explains why she hasn't had sex in a very long time, although the way she acts I'm at first led to believe she bangs guys and girls left and right all the time. She certainly sluts it up for me at a level I have rarely seen before. She's so much into sex that you might think she's either nuts or faking it but let me tell you: Vicky really is that sex crazed. The crazy part might actually be true, but in a good way.
During out interview portion (check the Behind the Scenes for that) she tells me she's not into the whole talking thing and just wants to get to the fucking part. Making her look at a porn magazine certainly helped get her juices flowing. I'm not one for denying a hot girl the cock so after a bit of pussy tasting I let her have the meat stick. Pacified for the moment, Vicky is getting fucked for still photos ("...whatever 'stills' are..." - Vicky).
Since she wanted to blow me so early on I didn't get a chance to thoroughly examine her body so I'm doing that upstairs. The girls is fucking tight! I have to taste that shaved pussy some more, but then it's time to use a vibrator on Vicky - she never ever uses toys so this is a rare event for her. She's okay with it, and really okay with me fucking her at the same time the vibrator does its magic on her clit. But after a while she says "I just want you!" and I throw the toy to the side to give Vicky her wish. Vicky claimed she absolutely loves sucking cock, even more so than being eaten out. I put this to the test and believe what she said is true: Vicky loves giving head and she is fucking great at it!
Next up is some more fucking, and this time I'm all amped up, pumping the shit out of her little pussy and trying to not let her screams get the best of me (calm down, they're screams of passion LOL) By the time I put her legs sideways (you know that one) Vicky is dripping wet. My cock is soaked in her pussy juices and of course that fires me up even more. I change camera positions as quickly as possible so that I can fuck Vicky doggy style, which believe it or not gets even louder and harder. Let's just say: if you like your porn energetic, loud, and the girl to be as horny as possible, then this is your new favorite movie.
When Vicky rides my cock I have a hard time not blowing my load immediately. After making her ride me as long as possible, Vicky's pussy juices and her enthusiasm get the best of me and I quickly pull out to cum. Before the last drops are out I put my still hard cock back in Vicky's pussy, with most of my cum still on it. Vicky goes for it and doesn't say a word about me basically pushing my sperm back in to her.
Vicky had asked me earlier during the shoot if she could suck me off and have me cum in her mouth. I felt bad for not coming through on my promise but Vicky had a solution: she stuck my cum smeared cock back in her mouth and blew me so hard that I shot another load straight in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and seemed truly happy about it, too.
Vicky wants to come back to get it on with a girl on camera for you, in the meantime enjoy what I consider to be one of the absolutely hottest, most enthusiastic fucks in ECG history!...






VICKY, BTS | 380 MB | 31 MIN


VICKY, CLIP 01 | Body Evaluation (Pass, A+)


VICKY, BTS 01 | Interview with Vicky


VICKY, CLIP 02 | Pussy Licking, Fingering


VICKY, BTS 02 |Pussy Licking, Blowjob


VICKY, CLIP 03 | Fucked with Vibrator in her Pussy


VICKY, BTS 03 | BJ, Fucked for Still Photos


VICKY, CLIP 04 | Cocksucking Time!


VICKY, CLIP 05 | Vicky Fucked Hard Part 1


VICKY, CLIP 06 | Fucked Hard Doggy Style


VICKY, CLIP 07 | Vicky Fucking on Top


VICKY, CLIP 08 | Fucked With Cum-Smeared Cock


VICKY, CLIP 09 | Blowjob Till I Cum Again (In Her Mouth)