School: University of Arizona
Year: Sophomore
Age: 21
Height: 5'6
Figure: 34B-22-26
EyeColor: Hazel


Tristen is 21 and that's often the age when some of the girls start getting smart about stuff. I'm always holding my breath when someone like her walks in and immediately comes off as bright and eloquent - is the girl going to be negotiating with me what she will and won't do, and consider the whole thing just something to get over with...or is she a late bloomer and feels she's not explored sex like she should and decides to turn into a raving fuck bunny at this opportunity? It could go either way, so when Tristen discusses her personal life with me while she's putting on the finishing touches on her make-up, and I realize she is able to string two sentences together without constantly saying "like", or giggle uncontrollably, I get a little nervous. Turns out though there is absolutely no reason to be as Tristen falls into the latter category, and she is more than happy to do all the filthy sex acts you've come to expect. This blonde angel is actually a surprisingly dirty sex demon.

Tristen got lost on her way up from Tucson. Already a little late, I have Tristen take off her clothes while she messes around in front of the mirror. This is the first time I see her naked body in all its glory and I like what I see. She says she is comfortable with her body, and you'll confirm that this is true. The girl loves to be naked. As she's telling me her preferences in guys and her first time having sex, with her boobs bouncing softly as she's applying her eye liner, I'm thinking "I'm getting to fuck this today"... I didn't know how soon that would be the case though...
A bit more chit chat, picking out clothes and then it's time to continue the interview out on the balcony. Yes, you already know my intentions and you are right: I want to see if Tristen is daring enough to suck me on the balcony as hotel guests are frolicking in the pool next to us. Maybe it's the fact that it's getting dark already, or the full moon, or Tristen is just as dirty as I hoped she would be when I invited her over, but either way, it doesn't take much convincing at all to have her take out my cock and suck on it. She may be a late bloomer, a good-girl-gone-bad, but Tristen does know her way around the cock. It had been about 15 minutes since she first walked in and there she is, on her knees and doing her magic on me. A good start, I feel, but let's see if we can't push this a little further. I tell her to get up, bend over the balcony railing so that the folks in the pool could see her face. I pull up her dress and start fucking her from behind and I don't know which one of us is enjoying the thrill more. You hear and see the unsuspecting hotel guests play around in the pool while I'm banging this little hottie just a few feet in front of them. It doesn't get any better than this, I'm thinking - but I'm wrong. Tristen is only just getting started...

As with so many of the girls, Tristen has never done any sort of naughty video before, not even with previous boyfriends. She says she had been stuck with a bunch of prudes, so I'm happy to assist her with this important step in her life. It's crucial to have a fuck tape done before you're 22 or you'll never be a star of any sort. Didn't you hear? LOL. I don't actually know if that's Tristen's goal. She is pretty level headed, and seems to really enjoy the sex for what it is and not just for the money. She just likes to fuck - hard. Really hard.
In fact, when I do a little "test slap and choke" while I'm fucking her, I feel Tristen's soaked snatch tense up as if she is about to orgasm. She's loving it! So I keep slapping and choking her, while banging her pussy as hard as I can. Indeed, little Tristen gets off on it. That's not the only time she cums though as you'll find out...
Get your tissues out and prepare for an hour and a half of stroking your meat watching Tristen get nasty. I'm not responsible for hairy palms, missed work, or blisters on your hands. Just try not to pass out from cumming so hard from watching Tristen gobble cock, get fucked hard, give me a rimjob, and get her pretty face plastered with cum. Try.


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Tristen, CLIP 05 | Hard Fucking, Choking, Slapping


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