ADDED: 11/05/09 - Colby (Behind the Scenes)
Colby's Behind the Scenes scene on Exploited College Girls
Behind the Scenes - Let's hang out with Colby in between shooting porn, shall we? We have a chat about her personal life as she's enjoying some cancer sticks, see the ditz in her as she's awkwardly trying to be a big girl for still photos, watch her douche ('cuz I likes me a clean pussy to fuck), and clean up after having her face splattered with cum. Giggles, laughs...and the occasional fleeting facial expression telling you she's really in over her head with all this await you...

ADDED: 10/29/09 - Jenna
Jenna on Exploited College Girls
At just 18 years of age, ASU freshman Jenna is already on her way of becoming a college Superwhore - she truly lives for sex and pleasing men. As she points out in the Behind the Scenes movie, Jenna enjoys sex and her favorite thing to do is give guys blowjobs. And it shows - Jenna is one of the finest cocksuckers I've come across. She's got a boyfriend at home (who has no idea what she's doing) but that one cock is not enough for this college nympho. She is almost rediculously slutty (just watch the BTS) but it's all genuine with her. Maybe she didn't get the attention from daddy she needed as a kid but whatever it is, Jenna is certainly getting it now. The only thing she was kinda hesitant doing was licking my ass but watch what happens...
I seriously could go on for pages about how hot and orgasmic Jenna is but you've got eyes and a video player so check her out for yourself. Speaking of eyes, don't be surprised if you blow your wad early when you see Jenna look up as she sucks cock. She's got "it", for sure.

ADDED: 10/29/09 - Jenna (Behind the Scenes)
Jenna's Behind the Scenes scene on Exploited College Girls
You can't get enough of Arizona State University superwhore Jenna and neither can I. Jenna's pussy is magnetic and I keep licking the little slut into oblivion during one of her smoke breaks. Before that I have her demonstrate her amazing blowjob skills though and fuck her a little bit in the backyard. Jenna's so sexual, she drops down and does whatever I want without bitching or complaining. She says her favorite thing to do is give head so naturally I have to put her to the test. Several times. And let's just say - she ain't lying.
Jenna really is a wild one, she got kicked out of High School several times (you have to watch the movie to find out for what) but she's also got a sweet side. She's like the perfect mix of whore and class, and she's only 18 years old. My cock was hard during the entire time Jenna was at my place - yes, she's that fucking magical. But you'll experience that for yourself as soon as you click to download her videos...
As always with the Behind the Scenes movies, both versions here are the same, only the formats are different for your convenience. The WMVs are larger and better quality.

ADDED: 10/22/09 - Crystal and Jane
Crystal and Jane on Exploited College Girls
Today I got a special treat for you - 18 year old NAU coeds Crystal and Jane, friends in real life, get exploited together for the first time on camera. Both are of the girly and giggly kind, very cute, pretty and up for doing anything I want. I don't know what it is but hearing these Latinas laugh and interact with each other I'm ready to jump right in the game. Crystal and Jane aren't lesbians (although they do kiss and hug a lot when they think nobody's looking) but I do make them lick each others' pussies for a while anyhow, you know, as a warm-up (for me, mostly). As both start sucking my cock their competitve side comes out, trying to out-suck each other and deep throating themselves to show off. The girls are young and still quite inexperienced but their enthusiasm more than makes up for that.
Every time I fuck one of them I make the other one help out, spreading her friend's pussy and watch, until it's her turn to get banged. At one point I fuck one of them and have the other one lick my balls as I go in and out of her friend's pussy, them make 'em switch positions. After some side-by-side ball licking I'm ready to cum on their pretty faces with a load size they didn't expect.
You really don't want to miss this one, and also check out Crystal and Jane's Behind the Scenes video to find out a lot more about these two crazy girls.

ADDED: 10/22/09 - Crystal and Jane (Behind the Scenes)
Crystal and Jane's Behind the Scenes on Exploited College Girls
Crystal and Jane (the taller one) are two young, scandalous Latinas - normally staying around Northern Arizona University, they have me pick them up from one of the girls' boyfriend's house in town to take them to my place to get fucked together. Of course their boyfriends have no clue what's going on. After learning some dirty secrets about Crystal and Jane it's picture time and I get them acquainted with dildos - and each other's pussies for the first time. Sure, the girls kissed a few times but this is the first time they've seen (and played with) each other's vajay-jays. "It's so pink!" Jane exclaims later. Now, that's inexperienced - love it!
The BTS movie is available in two formats here, Windows Media (WMV), and MP4 (H.264 codec) for your iPOD TOUCH / iPHONE.

ADDED: 10/15/09 - Tiffani
Tiffani's Movies on Exploited College Girls
When Tiffani says she was a gymnast and on the wrestling team in High School (!) I believe her - her tight body, toned abs and the way she walks confirm that she can probably kick major ass on the wrestling mat. However, when she says she wants to be a firefighter when she graduates I'm not so sure, unless she means she'll be the fire house whore in which case I believe it. Because the whoring part she does well. For a girl who lives a clean lifestyle and is into sports, Tiffani's very eager to suck a stranger's cock and get fucked so hard she almost passes out. Luckily that stranger is me.
Tiffani is experiencing a lot of "first's" today, not the least being her licking my ass, and getting plastered with two cum shots, first on her stomach (her pussy just felt so good), then later on her face and in her mouth.
Tiffani is very orgasmic, she cums when I eat her out and then almost again when her pussy makes acquaintance with my dildo collection. She's only masturbated with toys twice in her life so I guess it was just a bit much. Of course that was nothing compared with what I put her through afterwards...

ADDED: 10/15/09 - Tiffani (Behind the Scenes)
Tiffani Behind the Scenes on Exploited College Girls blowjob in car
Amazing how little coaxing it takes for some of these girls to get down on my cock and suck it while we're driving. I kid you not, it took more convincing for her to take off her top. I make her take it all off and flash the dude who brings us lunch to the car, and play with her surprisingly wet pussy (good sign!) first to...uh...loosen her up. But then - holy shit what a good little cock sucker Tiffani is! Her little jaw must have been sore after all that but of course I don't care and make her suck and fuck me again for still photos. Today's Behind the Scenes movie finishes off with the post-cumshot cleanup, a quick shower, and some personal revelations that confirm our little wholesome gymnast is really a future super whore in the making...
The BTS movie is available in two formats here, Windows Media (WMV), and MP4 (H.264 codec) for your iPOD TOUCH / iPHONE.

ADDED: 10/08/09 - LeAnne - Shoot 2 (DP)
LeAnne's DP on Exploited College Girls
One of our favorite little college whores is back and this time LeAnne is not only getting ass fucked for the first time on camera, but she has to take on both me and my buddy at the same time.
I'm not wasting any time here and go straight to stretching LeAnne's pussy and ass with my toys. At the same time. But that's just the warm up. LeAnne's facial expressions are priceless when I shove my cock up her tiny asshole for the first time. But we're not gonna stop at that, oh no. Under a lot of whincing and whining LeAnne is having her ass and pussy fucked at the same time, she has to suck dick while getting her ass fucked doggy style, and gets treated to her own ass juices when I make her suck my cock that just had been in her ass the second before.
When LeAnne rides my buddy he comes sooner than expected so I make her lick off his cum...then treat her to more dual cock action, from-behind fish-hooking, and more. I finish off in LeAnne's mouth, and, with her face still covered in cum, LeAnne gets fucked some more until Rick shoots his second load straight in her pussy.
Needless to say this one's one for the ages and a good time were had by all. Or at least my buddy and me. LeAnne had to get to work after all this, undoubtedly walking a little funny that afternoon...

ADDED: 10/08/09 - LeAnne - Shoot 2 (DP; Behind the Scenes)
LeAnne's BTS of her DP Shoot on Exploited College Girls
For those who, like me, can't get enough of LeAnne, this Behind the Scenes is a special little treat. After taking a shower and talking a bit about her personal life, LeAnne douches for the first time, after which I administer an enema, also a first for our 18 year old. After posing with toys in her ass for the still pictures, LeAnne is as ready as can be for what's about to come (the actual shoot). This BTS video finishes up with the last few minutes of the shoot when Rick fills her pussy with cum and LeAnne tries to clean up jizz from her face before heading off for work. Check out her gaping asshole as she kneels down to clean up in front of the mirror. Damage done? I'd say so.

The BTS movie is available in two formats here, Windows Media (WMV), and MP4 (H.264 codec) for your iPOD TOUCH / iPHONE.

ADDED: 10/01/09 - Serena
Serena on Exploited College Girls
Serena is a barely 5 foot tall ex gymnast with a rediculously tight body to match. She has never done anything like this before but I didn't plan on going easy on her. Everything about her is small, dainty, cute...and just begs to be fucked as hard as possible. Most girls whore out for the money but I think Serena was eager to experience the, shall we say, more fierce side of sex in her life, too.
She's got a great attitude and is a nice mix of shy and outgoing at the same time (you see what I mean when you watch the vids). More importantly, Serena does everything I tell her to, and she does it fucking well. I have her lick my ass twice, I slap her while fucking the hell out of her little body, swing her around on my cock like the fuckmidget she is, and finish her up with about a week's worth of saved up cum on her face.
Don't miss the bonus outtake at the end of the POV movie - Serena takes a pee break and I make her suck my cock while she's doing it.
Note: you can now download the POV and Movie View videos for your iPOD Touch or iPHONE as well.

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