School: Arizona State University
Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Height: 5'4
Figure: 32A-28-32
EyeColor: Hazel
Favorite Sexual Position: Everything
Hobbies: Basketball, Books


Miley recently broke up with her boyfriend and what better way for a young girl to prove to herself that she's still desirable than shoot a porno with a stranger twice her age in a hotel room? Our freshman ASU student has never done anything like this before and she says she is pretty nervous. I let my cameras run in the room while she is putting on her make-up, and tries on outfits for me, and you can tell from her facial expressions she has no idea what she is about to be going through. Miley is quite open about her personal life and we learn a lot about her. For example you'll hear her reveal her first and probably last time getting ass fucked by her boyfriend and how she couldn't sit down in class for days after that. But don't think now Miley is gun shy about all things sex - hell no. She's as curious about being fucked by an adult for once as she is about the money she'll be getting as a *cough cough* porn star. Yeah, they all want to be Jenna Jameson now, don't they?
Anyhow, Miley is a pleaser. Not a very smart one but a pleaser nevertheless. She put on enough spray tan to cover an entire army of whores and thinks I won't notice. Of course the photos speak volumes. Speaking of, Miley does her best to appear as pro as possible but it's clear she has not done a lot (any?) modeling before. Quite endearing, acutally.
I glimpse her titties and phenomenal ass as she's trying on clothes and poses for the pix, and when Miley steps out on the patio to sneak a smoke I follow her with a hard-on. Yeah, you know me - I'm not just gonna watch a young girl kill herself with cigarettes while I stand around like an idiot - better get those suckin' lips on my cock before it's too late, ya know? LOL! Miley is up for sucking me on the patio, even when we see a couple of hotel patrons use the pool below us. I'm pretty sure the women caught me fingering and getting head from Miley. But you know, chicks dig that danger factor. Miley actually says that was her favorite part when the whole shoot is over.
But anyhow, back to the pleasing part. Miley does everything I want her to, being seemingly "willing to try anything" (I hate that bullshit phrase, something girls say to not appear stuck up or boring...and to make sure they get paid at the end.). One example is when I talk Miley into licking my ass, another first (and last) for her. She's also not been deep-throated before, just watch how well that goes over. Apparently Miley felt bad for being so inexperienced. When I reviewed my exploits later that day I saw Miley didn't love some of the rough parts as much as she said she did, but she never protested. Lots of quiet whincing and whining, especially when I make her ride my cock. When I can't see a girl's face and she's saying she's into it I have to believe that. If girls don't speak up I just keep going, you know? So that's what I did.
Some parts Miley is really into though, like (of course) getting eaten out, and then when I experiment on her with my toy collection. She takes a finger in her ass while getting penetrated by the Rabbit and she loves that. After Miley gets sufficiently wet it's time to fuck her - and oh my, that pussy really has not had a lot of cocks in it. The girl's fucking tight, I tell you.I'm not going spell out everything that happened with Miley here, there's a lot going on and I know you will really enjoy this one. So get watchin' and be sure you keep a full tissue box nearby. You'll need it.


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MILEY, BTS | 298 MB | 24 MIN


MILEY, CLIP 01 | Intro with Miley


MILEY, BTS 01 | Make-Up & Personal Info


MILEY, CLIP 02 | Fingered, Sucking Cock


MILEY, BTS 02 | Photo Shoot


MILEY, CLIP 03 | Toys in Pussy, Ass & BJ


MILEY, BTS 03 | Smoke Break BJ on Patio


MILEY, CLIP 04 | Cock Sucking, Ass Licking


MILEY, CLIP 05 | Fucked & Choked, Doggy


MILEY, CLIP 06 | Miley on Top - Ouch!


MILEY, CLIP 07 | Cumshot - All Camera Angles