School: Arizona State University
Year: Junior
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Figure: 34-28-32
EyeColor: Hazel


One of ECG's top ten girls is back - Jenna! Now 19 years old, Jenna has grown up quite a bit. She seems smarter, more confident,...and luckily hasn't lost any of her insane sexual cravings. In fact, Jenna has been living a fairly celebate life lately and she is starved for sex. I know, you read this all the time on porn sites but it's absolutely true in this case. As you may remember, Jenna doesn't mind the 'buttsecks' either so today is the day we put that to the test. Two seconds into the video you'll recall how much fun this chick is.
While having her first cigarette on the patio Jenna tells us what she's been up to since we last met. Jenna has personality galore and she's just fun to be around. She is one of the few girls who is as horny and perverted as you and me. Just like last time I have her present her titties to me (my how she's grown!) and also just like last time that's all it takes for me to get hard. Jenna notices and, being the pleasing type she is, promptly helps me remember what her favorite thing in the world is: sucking dick. She wasn't lying back then and she isnt' lying now. She's fucking unbelievable at it. She sucks that dick like it's the last thing she'll do (and considering how some of my anal shoots went in the past, it might have been). Sucked sufficiently hard I make Jenna get in position, strip off her panties, and fuck her doggy style. Right there on the patio. With hotel guests in the pool next to us. Oh yes, Jenna hasn't lost her sense for adventure, either.
We finish picking out her clothes (like it fucking matters, right?), have more chit chat about all the good stuff you want to know about, and I lick Jenna's snatch as she's waiting for me to finish a phone call. The last part was unintentional - I didn't realize I had left the cameras running until after I got her off. That's what this girl does to you - all you can think about is sex when she's around.
Since we already know all about Jenna, I don't waste time and go straight to business with her. I need to make sure she is loose enough for my cock so I gape and stretch her little asshole. She says it looks hot being gaped like that and I agree. After letting her suck me some more (OMFG!), I fuck her pussy first, just to warm up, ya know? LOL. Her pussy is indeed tighter than I remembered. It's hard to not blow early but there's still some ass work to do so I brace myself. She's getting visibly more nervous when I put her in anal sex position. After lubing up her naughty parts it's finally time to make that tight ass of hers all mine...
Without giving too much away here, let me point out that Jenna is one of the most orgasmic girls I've met. She actually cums getting assfucked, even though I can tell it's beyond tight for her. Her face shows that she's walking the tight rope between pleasure and pain constantly. At one point I feel *she* should be paying *me* LOL.
Regardless if you're a Jenna fan, or anal fan, or both, this one's for you.


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Jenna, CLIP 01 | Patio Suck and Fuck


Jenna, CLIP 02 | Clothes, Smoke Break, Pussy Licking


Jenna, CLIP 03 | Undressed and Gaped


Jenna, CLIP 04 | Cocksucking Queen at Work


Jenna, CLIP 05 | Pussy Sex as Warm-Up


Jenna, CLIP 06 | Assfucking Time


Jenna, CLIP 07 | Anal, Jenna Lying Down


Jenna, CLIP 08 | Assfucked Doggy Style


Jenna, CLIP 09 | Smoke Break Before the Finale


Jenna, CLIP 10 | Ball Licking and Big Facial