School: Paradise Valley Community College
Year: Junior
Age: 20
Height: 5'4
Figure: 32-21-28
EyeColor: Blue
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy


Up till I opened the door to let Emma into my hotel room it had been a pretty calm day. The birds are chirping outside, the sports channel is working on the room's TV, and I'm about to bang another local hottie who probably thinks she'll be the next big pornstar or something because she sucks my cock on camera. A bit too calm for my tastes actually, if you know what I mean. And then - boom! It's like somebody packed the energy of ten teen girls into one 5'4 package, filled it up with caffeine, and called it 'Emma'.
Talk about cheery! She struts in and it's like Christmas morning for me: she's cute, bubbly, talkative, and so fucking sexy. I'm not gonna waste any time here and just have her put on the first outfit that doesn't scream 'fashion disaster' and then have do her makeup. As she's painting god-knows-what on her face, I ask her the usual interview questions. What's the boyfriend situation? When did she lose her virginity? What's her favorite sexual position? You know the drill. That tiny ass of hers looks too inviting in that leather(ish) mini skirt not to touch so I have a go at it. Like so often with these little sluts, that's is all it takes to get me going and I'm glad she's not one of those girls who spend three hours on makeup. Quick picture set and she's done, I'm ready, so it's on the bed with her...
There's really not much 'exploiting' going on - Emma is all up for some naughty fun with a stranger. She says she has a boyfriend and is generally satisfied but I doubt that's true. She's a highly sexual girl and clearly doesn't get enough at home. Lots and lots of facial expressions throughout the entire video confirm this fact. When I eat her pussy while she is sucking my cock in a 69, you can see she hasn't had her pussy licked the way I do it. She's literally squirming and juicing up hovering there over my face, my tongue in her snatch, and her mouth on my cock, except when she's trying not to cum too early (fail.). She does a little of that "I'm a pornstar now, look at me!" shit but I can tell she isn't actually all that experienced. You'll see what I mean. I really think she's one of those every day good girls who just want to get really dirty and let it all out for once. I'm pretty sure by the time I'm done with her she got that all out of her system LOL.
I'm doing a couple of different camera angles which I think you'll like. Let me know. One thing I can't resist doing though is pull her hair while I fuck Emma from behind. Which she loves. I'm not talking about the screaming, but I can feel her little juicy pussy clamp up around my cock, practically trying to milk me dry. A couple of fast and not-so subtle pussy contractions and I know Emma just came again. She's digging the reverse cowgirl too, in fact you might want to turn down the volume a little when she's riding me. Just sayin'...
I'm finishing up nailing her doggy style and then squirting my cum over her ass. Now looking at the camera that faced her it looks like she actually orgasmed again when I did that. The girl cums a lot, come to think of it. Yeah, she's definitely not getting enough at home, no matter what she says. She told me that her boyfriend didn't know what she was up to today. But as so often with girls who think nobody will find out that they did the nasty here on ECG, I'm afraid this little slut's boyfriend, too, will soon learn his little precious honey-sweetie is not the faithful love of his life he probably thinks she is. Don't miss the ending where she reveals that she'll be driving straight to her parent's home to have the weekly dinner together. This kind of gives you an idea of the persona she potrays when she's not out banging a guy twice her age in a hotel room.
In fact, Emma enjoyed fucking on camera so much, I wouldn't be surprised to see her show up on some other site one day, or at least in some "private videos". Nymphos do what nymphos do. And I love it.


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EMMA, CLIP 01 | Getting Ready & Interview


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