School: Portland State University
Year: Junior
Age: 18
Height: 5'1
Figure: 32B-18-26
EyeColor: Hazel
Favorite Sexual Position: Doggy


I'm telling you bro, I'm on a roll with these girls! Ashley here is another good girl gone bad, and this one's really something. A self-described nerd and geek, Ashley goes for the brainy types, has never had sex on camera before (well, that one time with her ex-boyfriend...), and is just a boat load of fun. She's from Portland, has a little bit of a hippie in her ("but I'm not a tree hugger!"), prefers reading and studying to partying, and even has her life goals planned out. And they're not even half bad. Unfortunately for her, what Ashley is about to do on film today might put a big wrench in her plans...
I pick her up from the airpot and in less than two minutes in the car with me I've already made up my mind: this chick's gonna be fun. Being the good girl she claims to be (and she actually is), Ashley is too shy to fully take off her top and flash the other drivers. That's too bad because when she gives me a peek at her perfect boobies it's pretty much all I can think of. She's a talkative one and we find out a lot about what makes our Portland State student tick. Mostly nerdy stuff. She hits me with some analytical psycho-social statements that I just did not expect from an 18 year old...or really any of the little sluts I usually get into my talons. Yes, Ashley is different. I mean...she can read! LOL
At this point you'll want to know more about this chick, and while she's putting on her makeup and takes smoke breaks, you will. She tells it like it is and doesn't try to impress you or me with any bogus insane sex stories. Ashley is just a normal, smart, and sexually open girl who wants to have some fun with an older guy and earn some extra money. I can't keep my hands off of her perfect little ass and those fun bags but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. Once the photos are out of the way I'm determined to get this girl off and show her what an older guy can do to young pussy. You can imagine my delight when she tells me that she enjoys having her ass licked. After hearing this I pretty much pack my bags and move in to Hotel Downtown Ashley - I lick and finger and play with Ashley to my heart's content and she is loving every minute of it. Since she is currently single her sex drive is off the charts and it seems almost everything I do to her gets her off. I can't tell for sure but can you count the orgasms she's having when I lick her ass? I know it's a lot...
At 5'1, Ashley is tiny and light enough to throw around into any position I want. After fucking her like a madman from behind ("doggy" is her favorite), I have her stand up, move one of her long legs forward (Better camera angles...I'm thinking of you, bro!) and fuck her that way. I'm telling you, there's nothing like watching that tight little body move back and forth on your cock.
So needless to say, fucking Ashley is about as awesome as my job can get. After nailing her every which way I can think of I think it's my turn to cum. Ashley said she doesn't like cum on her face. Well, too bad because I happen to like to jizz in girls' mouths and plaster their faces with my cum. Hey, I've been saving that shit up for like a week! You'll see how that goes over with her.
But she's a great sport and luckily there's a shower waiting for her to cleanse herself from all the naughty sex stuff and help her get back to her normal, bookwormish self. There are some more funny stories coming as she's taking her shower so don't miss the ending. (She looks so hot wet, I'm almost about to jump in and fuck her again but we're running out of time at that point. Fucking airport security waiting lines!)
I don't know how I pull off getting these true amateurs lately. Law of Attraction, or something. Whatever it is, if the next girl that responds to my ad is just half as much fun as Ashley I'll be happy. En-fuckin'-joy!


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ASHLEY, CLIP 01 | Airport Pickup


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ASHLEY, CLIP 03 | Explorin' Time


ASHLEY, CLIP 04 | Extreme Pussy & Ass Licking, Fingering


ASHLEY, CLIP 05 | Blowjob Skills Demonstration


ASHLEY, CLIP 06 | Ashley Taken Doggy Style


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